Education sector

The business activity of OSOS Holding Group Company (K.S.C) concentrates on the education sector in two companies:

First: The Kuwait British Company for Education Services (K.S.C) closed


It was established in 2003 with a capital worth KD 4 million, which was increased up to KD 5 million in 2012. Its purposes concentrates on establishing schools, institutes, training centers, and university colleges for different education stage, managing it, providing education and training services for students, exploiting licenses for private schools, institutes, and training centers inside and outside Kuwait, organizing courses, scholarship, studies, and management training courses inside and outside Kuwait. the company has the right to practice the above mentioned services inside and outside Kuwait personally or by agency, it can have interest or can participate along with the institutions that practice similar activities, or the one that can cooperate to achieve its purposes inside and outside Kuwait, and it can establish, share, or purchase these institutions or affiliate it.


Regarding the affiliated schools in different areas of Kuwait these are: Al-Marefa School-for Girls (includes programs for the disabled). It lays on a space of 4263 square meters. While the Private Pakistani School (branch 2), and the New Al-Marefa School lay on a space of 5 thousand square meters. Then there is the Private Pakistani School (branch 1) spread on a land of approximately  3800 square meters. The number of student in the above mentioned school reached (6800) as of the end of the academic year 2014/2015 (last year).



Second: Al-Marefa Exemplary Co. For Educational Services (W.L.L.)
It was established in 1997 with a capital of KD 5 million, its purposes consists in launching and establishing private Arabic and foreign schools and private institutions. A group of schools also operates under its umbrella which are spread all over Kuwait.
On a total space of 8 thousand square meters lays the English Cambridge School in addition to the Al-Marefa School-for Boys (includes programs for the disabled) at Mangaf, and the English Cambridge School in Hawali area, which lays on a about 6000 square meters.


The total number of student studying in the schools above mentioned is (4616) as of the end of the academic year 2014/2015 (last year).